Content №4 от 2016

The Methodical Problems in Creating an Information Base for a Dynamic Input-Output Model of the Economy of the Buryat Republic

The article presents distinctive features of a dynamic input-output model of the economy of the Buryat Republic, which has an information base built for it, in comparison with similar domestic and foreign models. In determining the interindustry flows of products and some other elements of the information base, we used the 2011 Input-Output tables designed for this region, as a well as statistical data for the Buryat Republic. The paper introduces the basic elements making up the information base of the dynamic input-output model of the region's economy and describes the methods of their formation. Our research findings will be used in variant prediction calculations of Buryatia's deve­lopment and for better forecasting of consolidated budget revenues.

Baranov А. О.

Dondokov Z. B.-D.

Dyrkheev К. P.

Pavlov V. N.

Suslov V. I.

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