Content №2 от 2016

Management System for the Program for Reindustrialization of the Economy of Novosibirsk Oblast

The article justifies the management system for the Program for Reindustrialization of Novosibirsk Oblast based on accounting for the institutional environment and economic situation in the region. We prove that the success of the program is determined by the possibilities to consolidate the concerned parties' efforts, that is why it is necessary to consider interests, motivation, and trust level of all participants. The obligatory conditions are the clarity and transparency of the program management system and decision-making process. We propose a scheme for managing the program and develop its implemen­tation mechanism. In order to implement the program, it is essential to improve the system of support priorities generation; simplify procedures and ensure maximum availability of local resources for business development; increase the possibility of using state property and public procurement to stimulate demand for the products of Novosibirsk Oblast companies.

Kravchenko N. A.

Klistorin V. I.

Zhdan G. V.

Averkin P. A.

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