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Evaluating Russian Regions According to the Level of Innovation Development

Innovation activity in Russian regions is considered in two aspects: as creation of innovation on the one hand and use of innovation on the other. The article provides a method of ranking Russian regions in terms of innovation development. To seize the regional specialization on different aspects of innovation activity, we build two innovation development indices: the one of creation and the other of use. Each region obtains a numerical estimate of its level of innovation development. On the basis of these values regions are ranked; consequently, the ranking makes it possible to determine which regions are the most developed ones, and which are lagging behind. This article focuses on analyzing those Russian regions that are the leaders of innovative development. We assess the stability of their position and leadership. We have found that innovations are created in the same leading regions, while they are used in different ones: the sample of creators varies little in the period under review (19 regions), whereas 41 regions can be called users and the structure of their leading group changes from year to year. Ranking of territories allows us to compare the regional levels of innovation development, identifying strengths and weaknesses of particular innovation systems, which can be used in developing a national innovation policy 

Khalimova S. R.

Keywords: region инновационная деятельность оценка региональное неравенство рейтинг регионов индекс инновационного развития

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