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Development of the Paradigm of Formation of Strategic Targets and Institutes in a Region as a Subject of Development

The article gives a theoretical and methodological justification for a complex approach to institutional maintenance of a region as a subject of social and economic development in a federal state. The complex approach uses a multi-faceted methodology of regional research that includes subject-functional, system, organizational and strategic analysis tools. This paper proposes a hypothesis that the targets (target benchmarks) for the basic subjects of social and economic development of a region which define its functions are potential and real institutions, and that the concept and methodology identifying these targets can be used to create target institutions and institutes. The author's methodology for ordering institutional maintenance of regional development is designed. Novelty and validity of the proposed methodology for institutions and institutes formation are provided by systematic and functional approaches applied to a region as a subject of strategic development in an integrated manner, and the targets (interests) of the basic elements in a regional system accounted on multiple levels. The author makes recommendations on institutional maintenance ordering using the matrix method

Shekhovtseva L. S.

Keywords: развитие региона методология стратегические цели институции институты систематизация

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