Content №2 от 2003

Siberian wood complex: from strategy of survival to development.

The transition of wood-processing industry from a stage of survival to the stage of development requires a more efficient exploitation and realization of the value of timber. In high-forested areas, with available roads and rail networks, such complexes determine the capacity and the future of the whole wood-processing complex of Siberia. The stage of development will require designing specific strategies to reach an economic compromise between the nature and configuration of the terrain, the industrial objective of the wood-processing unit and the market for wood products. In this connection, the authors recommend to in the Siberian Federal District to use a system of management by areas of natural flow separately for high-forested areas with well developed and economically accessible wood resources and developed wood-processing industry; for middle- and high-forested areas with poor access for transport; and for low-forested areas which cannot make a basis for efficient wood-harvesting production.

Blum Iu. Sh.

Mashkina L. V.

Mashkina O. V.

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